Women Discovering Their One-of-a-Kind Design

You were created with a unique purpose. No two of us are alike—each is individually designed by God to impact the world in a specific and meaningful way.

Mary Tomlinson has spent the past 20 years coaching women and her inspirational book shares their stories, displaying the power of a purpose statement as both an anchor and a compass to establish deep meaning and set a specific trajectory for life. Learn what it means to be an On-Purpose woman at work, in ministry and at home with newfound clarity and joy.

Wholehearted Purpose includes 32 stories of real women who have found their purpose as well as a simple how-to guide for readers to discover their own unique design.

A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After

When the credits roll and you’ve left the park, when your Disney day is over, how do you take the magic with you into your everyday work and life?

Jody Jean Dreyer worked for the Walt Disney Company for over 30 years, in 22 different roles and in Beyond the Castle she shares one-of-a-kind stories and insights into what sets the Disney experience apart, as well as secrets to help readers discover their own “happily ever after.”

Jody’s entertaining and enlightening storytelling will satisfy a reader’s desire to open the doors and peek inside the castle – and beyond, to unlock and illuminate life’s true treasure.