Welcome to our podcast!


Mary Tomlinson and Jody Dreyer, who met when their paths crossed as Disney Executives, share life stories and experiences, insightful and practical take-aways, encouragement AND you can always count on full out honesty and lots of laughs along the way.

A weekly podcast between friends, all about life, which promises to be…

  • Relatable (hey that’s me you are talking about)

  • Encouraging (thanks, I needed to hear that)

  • Practical (cool, I never thought of that!)

  • Honest (I can’t believe she said that!)

  • Fun (you always make me laugh)

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Listener Reviews

“Listening to Jody and Mary and my heart is warmed!!! Love it! Feels like I have you chatting in my kitchen.”


“Your podcast was smart AND entertaining.”


This is my favorite podcast these days!


I listened to TrailMix on my morning commute today! Loved it so much and I’m excited to keep listening!


I really like the positive energy of the two of them.


So thankful for a podcast like this during such stressful times.


Started listening and I couldn’t stop smiling. Just hearing your voices made my day and look forward to laughing with you and appreciating all the light you both shine in this world!!