Don’t Forget The Fireworks!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Is there any better combination than July 4th and fireworks? We don’t think so and as Disney cast members, we know a thing or two about fireworks. By definition, fireworks signal a celebration and show an outburst of emotion and energy, what’s not to love? Today on Trailmix, we will explore all the bright and beautiful. Join us for all the bangs, pops and festivities ofFIREWORKS!

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!

This week Jody is troubled – she overheard someone saying with everything going on it was easier to quit dreaming. What?! She can’t wait to chat about it with Mary. We must keep dreaming! Today we are going to talk about the journey and joy of dreaming and we will get very practical about how to keep your dreams alive. Come on friends and DREAM with us!

Shout Out to Dads!

In honor of Fathers’ Day, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to give a shout out to Dads. There are many ways that we are our Father’s daughters, and we bet you can relate to this episode. Join us and celebrate Dad!

Growing Bolder

We are using the title “Growing Bolder,” but really the full title is, “GROWING OLDER/BOLDER”. Most of us don’t sit around thinking… I’m getting older, YAY me! But there are some pretty great benefits to aging. A quote we found and love is “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”. This “Trailmix,” we will chat about all sorts of aging opportunities and how to go for it, no matter what year you have on your birth certificate.

Jody on Disney

We have been hearing that our Podcast Friends want more Disney. Today we feature Jody because she is a “Disney lifer” – starting with her first vacation as a child, working on the College Program, and making a career in 22 different positions for over 30 years. She shares Disney stories and insights, her favorite rides, foods (including popcorn around the world) and memories. Join us as we go deeper into the wonderful world of Disney on today’s TrailMix.