To Cook or Not To Cook

Every single day we are faced with this burning question – to cook or not to cook. In Jody’s case this takes on much significance since if the answer is yes I need to cook, then the anxiety sets in. Join us as we “hash out” the art, joy and angst of “preparing” food. You might even pick up a few tips… well probably not, but you most likely will feel better about your own cooking escapades after you listen!


We usually talk about how it isn’t a good idea to live in the past with regrets. But today we are going to dedicate the podcast to the “art” of the well-played do-over, or in golf terms, the Mulligan. What a life-hack to learn how to call it out and start again. This chat is a permission giver for a new way of thinking about our ability to give ourselves and others a break, and maybe even a bonus round.