Work is Not a Cuss Word

“Work” – we like to complain about it, we count the days until we are done with it, and often it has a bad rap. Work doesn’t always mean your occupation or where you get your salary. And for sure it is NOT true that the sum total of “you” is what you do. Let’s dig in a little and think about “good” work and what that can feel like deep down inside.

Okay Trailmix friends…let’s go to work!!!

Love is…

In this podcast Jody confronts her dislike of Valentine’s Day and actually confesses why she is a “hater”. Mary talks her through how to redeem the concept that love is actually at the heart of Valentine’s Day! They talk music, movies and much more; all getting at the idea that February 14 is what you make it and if all else fails go shopping for “BIG” rocks.