The Pro’s and Con’s of Organizing

To organize or not to organize, that is the question, and we are excited to explore this often hotly debated issue. We think you will be happy to hear that no matter which side you are on, there isn’t a winner. You certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity to join in sorting through the organization of organization.

Here We Come!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! We are sooooo excited that 2021 is here, it really couldn’t come soon enough…BUT is that too much to anticipate a complete change with just a new date on the calendar? We need to chat about how we kick off the “new” year. What are some realistic expectations? First and foremost, should we make a resolution? The definition of resolution is, “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Maybe after 2020 we just jump right in and don’t put any pressure on ourselves? We hope you will join us and we kick off the new year; together!