Help! I’m Off-Purpose!

Although we aren’t psychologists, the great news is that Mary is a trained advisor in the area of “purpose”. Finding it, using it and, as we will chat about today, what to do when we feel off-purpose. This podcast comes to you by popular demand. Remember, purpose is permanent so grab some trailmix and let’s get on-purpose together!

Disney Secrets

“Disney” is one of those words, places, and companies that you mention and everyone wants to tell or learn about a “secret” that no one knows. What are some Disney secrets? How is Disney so successful? How do they do what they do and you don’t see what’s behind the curtain? Let’s dig in and unwrap just a little of the surprise and delight, but don’t worry we won’t spoil any of the Disney magic.

Transitions: In The Hallway

Transition, the time in the middle, on the move, or as we call it today…..”the hallway”. Hallways are great – they take you somewhere but sometimes they can also be scary places. Let’s discuss some practical ways that we can manage, and maybe even celebrate, life’s many hallways of change and opportunity.