Stick A Fork In It

Okay, we know that everyone is ready to move on and the New Year can’t get here soon enough, BUT we aren’t going to let the year come to a close without “mixing” it up. We MUST stop and chat about it; the good, bad and ugly. We won’t dwell on every little detail, but we have been through a lot this last year and we have learned so much. It is an important chapter in our story. Come on, you won’t regret it, if you join us to put 2020 in a box and tie a “bow” right on top!

Grumpy Eeyore Days

We all have them, we know them when we see them…”THOSE” days. It might be how much sleep we didn’t have or it might just be the weather? Mary and Jody aren’t shy to take head on how to muster up all your “best” self and just carry on. You really can’t miss this podcast AND especially if you are having one of “THOSE” days!