Words Matter

Words, words, words. Words are fun, but they have real POWER! They help, they hurt, they are loaded with impact AND they can be sunshine on a cloudy day. Today’s TrailMix is all about our words. You will learn some new ones, chat about some that we wish would go away, and mostly discuss how to make sure your words, “matter”!

Intro to Mary and Jody

In today’s episode you’ll get to know our hosts – Mary Tomlinson and Jody Dreyer! We hope you enjoy!

Trailmix: Sorting through life’s sweets, fruit and nuts!

A podcast between friends on lots of life’s topics – which promises to be

relatable (hey that’s me you are talking about),

encouraging (thanks, I needed to hear that)

practical (cool, I never thought of that!)

honest (I can’t believeshe said that!)

and fun (you always make me laugh

Join us as we chat, laugh and sort through the Trailmix of life!